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Common problems and solutions of range hoods!

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Update time : 2022-11-21 15:09:46
As a professional kitchen appliance controller supplier, Elecontro® is our mainstream business. The company's research and development department has invested a lot of time and energy to develop a variety of cost-effective range hood controllers. Rigorous functional logic, exquisite appearance, high quality and long service life are all the advantages of the products independently developed and manufactured by Elecontro®.
Then the range hood is one of the most common kitchen appliances in daily life. We all know that this is our best helper to solve the problem of lampblack. When there is a problem with any electronic product, the same is true of the lampblack machine. Some common problems of the lampblack machine will also appear over time. The problems encountered by each family in daily life may be different, so what should you do if you encounter some common problems, the following Elecontro® will introduce some common problems and solutions for range hoods.

Common problems and solutions of range hoods:
1. If the automatic control system is not working, the indicator light is not on, most of this situation is because the sensor on the surface is stained with some oil due to long-term uncleaning and maintenance. The sensor switch is not working, so just put the controller Remove the dust cover and clean it. The problem will usually be solved after trying.
2. The case is very hot with loud noise. Most of this situation is caused by the problem of electric rotation and the lack of oil or damage inside the motor. For this problem, it cannot be solved by itself. It needs to be removed for maintenance. If this occurs The situation should be repaired by professional personnel.
3. The effect of absorbing oil fume is poor. This is mostly because the distance between the installation point of the hood and the cooker is too high, or the sealant is aging and leaking, the internal circulation of activated carbon is invalid, the exhaust pipe is too long, the voltage is too low, and the air inlet channel is too long. If it is blocked by oil pollution, etc., at this time, you only need to check where the problem is and perform the corresponding replacement. If it is due to the installation height problem, it can be lowered appropriately.
To sum up; some small problems that often occur in range hoods can be solved by ourselves, but some internal problems cannot be solved by us, so at this time, the range hood controller manufactured by Elecontro® reflects its value. First of all, the failure rate of the hood controller manufactured by Elecontro® is very low. From our actual user feedback, there are almost no functional issues. The function keys and display effects are still as new. So that you don't have to ask professional maintenance personnel to come to your door and add your troubles.
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