Design & Engineering

elecontro® has powerful Design & Engineering team, specializing in kitchen appliance controller design, Industrial design, Mechanical design, Circuit design and Software development.

From design to manufacturing, elecontro® fully understands all requirements from customers. With an experienced group of R&D professionals, we can provide customers with flexible and professional technical support. At each stage of research and development, factors that related to the product life cycle, including the manufacturing ability, cost effectiveness, are fully considered to accelerate the product development and minimize the cost of R&D and manufacturing.

Services we provide:

Circuit Design: With more than 10 years of experience,
we can provide customers with full set of circuit design services, including Schematic Design, PCB Layout and generating the Gerber file, etc.

Structural Design: Using simulation techniques such as thermal dispersion, structural strength, structural deformation and falling to fully guarantee the reliability of product design.

Software Development: Our software development capability has been appraised at level 4 of CMMI (Software Capability Maturity Integration Model).