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Talk about the role of the washing machine control panel!

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Update time : 2022-12-20 09:34:12

The control panel of the washing machine is composed of multiple programs, mainly including washing programs, setting length, temperature, LED display, appointment and so on. These are the main functions of your machine and allow you to tailor the wash solution to the fabrics you are washing.


Laundry program: You will hear the agitator turning the fabric, the sound of the motor may be different at different stages of the wash, the wash time is determined by the stain.

Set the length of time: The fast cycle is great for lightly soiled laundry and emergency washes.

SET TEMPERATURES: With your washing machine, you can set your wash at different temperatures and get excellent stain removal while saving energy. You cannot set the temperature higher than the wash default, only lower.

The temperature control of the washing machine control panel adjusts the incoming cold water and hot water to achieve a balanced temperature through induction, and selects the appropriate washing temperature according to the type of fabric and the dirt that needs to be washed. The temperature of warm water or hot water will be lower than the previously set temperature. In the washing state of cold water or lower temperature, warm water may enter to adjust the water temperature to keep it at the lowest temperature acceptable to the washing machine. 

LED Digital Display: This display tells you how much time is left in the washing program. 

Appointment function: This setting is useful if you want to run a wash program at night when electricity is cheap, or if you want the machine to do your laundry before you get home. 

Load detection: choose a suitable load gear, a small amount of fabric needs less water, and a large amount of fabric or super large amount of fabric needs more water. Some washing machine control panels can sense the weight of the wash load in the drum and can select the best cycle. This function can help you save water and electricity consumption when doing laundry. 

Child Lock: This feature helps prevent curious little hands from using the controls or juggling the door.

Elecontro® as a professional R&D and manufacturer of washing machine control panels, we provide control panels with ultimate design quality and perfect user experience. Welcome to consult!

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