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8 Common Oven Problems and How to Fix Them

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Author : elecontro
Update time : 2022-08-27 10:47:59
As a professional R&D and manufacturer of electronic controllers for kitchen appliances, Elecontro® has a certain professional knowledge of ovens. Now let's talk about some common problems and solutions of ovens in daily life.
When most oven don't work properly, their first reaction may be whether they need to replace the oven. It seems that they rarely consider maintenance, but some problems with the oven can be solved by ourselves. And when there is a problem with the oven, it will give a warning to remind you that the oven will stop working. Let's take a look at some common oven problems and how to fix them.

1. When the oven temperature is incorrect
When your oven is cooking and the thermostat fails, then you can no longer count on the accuracy of the temperature reading displayed on the oven plate. So this will also cause your food to cook unevenly, making it impossible for you to enjoy delicious food. During this process you can use a normal thermometer that can be used to measure food temperature to measure the temperature of the oven and compare it to the oven controller reading. This will tell you if your oven thermostat needs to be recalibrated.
Workaround: You can find the manufacturer's manual and follow the instructions to recalibrate the temperature knob by turning the rear screw.
2. The oven is not heating
If the internal temperature of the oven does not change when you cook with the oven, and your oven does not heat, the most common cause may be a damaged igniter.
Solution: Find the manufacturer's manual, you can follow the instructions to replace the igniter on the oven.
3. The furnace light inside the oven does not light up
When the stove light inside the oven doesn't come on, the usual thing might be a burnt out stove light bulb.
Solution: Find the manufacturer's manual and follow the instructions to replace the bulb. If that doesn't fix the problem, it's probably an electrical problem, which means there's nothing you can do and it's time to call a professional and let them help you see where the ultimate problem is.
4. The burner element does not work
The burner element of the oven should start glowing red when it is working properly. If the red light does not appear, then there may be a problem.
How to fix: This can be a more complicated fix as you have to turn off the power to the oven itself, remove the burner element, test it, then fix or replace as needed, if you're in the repair or have that kind of knowledge Maybe try to repair it yourself, if you don't understand anything, I still recommend you to call a professional for repair.
5. The oven door is not closed tightly, resulting in air leakage during cooking
This situation is generally because the oven has been used for a long time, because you often use this oven, you need to open and close the door frequently, which may cause the sealing and closing of the side of the oven door to be poor. Over time, seals can become deformed, damaged or degraded.
How to fix it: In most cases, you can simply tear off the old seal and purchase an aftermarket stick-on seal to replace it.
6. The oven cannot be turned on and cannot cook food
If the oven itself doesn't get power, the circuit breaker may trip. Sometimes this happens when a circuit is overloaded or a small power outage occurs.
How to fix: Go to the breaker box and look for the tripped switch. Toggle it all the way to "off" and then to "on". If this doesn't restore power to your oven, you may have an electrical problem and it's time to call a professional.
7. The oven door does not close evenly
When your oven door closes unevenly, it may be warped due to faulty hinges or loose screws. Often older ovens start to experience hinge issues that cause the oven door to keep opening or get stuck and won't open.
How to fix: First you can try loosening the screws around the inside of the oven door. Push down on the inner panel, then tighten the screws and see if that fixes the problem. Positioning and replacing the hinges can be complicated, especially in models where the hinges are mounted to the central oven frame itself. Unless you're comfortable with removing doors or even side panels, you may need to call in a professional.
8. The oven shows signs of internal rust
More used or older ovens can sometimes rust from the moisture in the steam during cooking.
How to fix it: Once your oven starts to rust from the inside out, there's not much you can do about it unless you're willing to do a major overhaul. This could be a good time to trade in.
Elecontro® specializes in the development and manufacture of electronic controls for kitchen appliances. We can provide you with premium oven controllers and timers with high design quality and a flawless user experience. It can help you perfectly solve some hidden dangers of the oven in the early stage. Welcome Inquiry.
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