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Elecontro® Debuts Two-Color Touch Slider Built-in Oven Controller at IFA 2022!

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Update time : 2022-08-27 16:15:47

September 4, 2022 - Elecontro® will launch the latest high-end 6 heating function selection + fan independent control full touch built-in oven controller at IFA 2022 in Berlin, Germany. The wide voltage input range of Elecontro® EM17 is 100~250V. The brightness of the display screen is suitable for the most comfortable brightness of the human eye.  And each stroke of the digital tube is smooth and concise, with good display consistency.

Visitors to the Elecontro® booth at IFA 2022 can directly explore the wide range of high-end Elecontro® oven controls and timers and range hood controls, we can offer a truly customizable service for your kitchen appliances, allowing our The controller adapts to all your kitchen appliances.

Elecontro® EM17 Full Touch Built-in Oven Controller

The most attractive target of our EM17 built-in oven controller is its two-color touch slider (color can be customized), when you are setting the clock, recipe, temperature, working time, end time and alarm time, you can pass the sliding slider to set the value.

Example of slider usage:

- When the slider is invalid, the light of the slider does not light up, but it lights up when it is valid. When sliding, the color of the trigger part of the finger is different from that of other sliders.

- When setting the value, put your finger on the slider, each time you slide right/left slowly, the value will decrease/increase slowly. When you swipe right/left quickly, the value will decrease/increase rapidly. The sliding speed, distance and data adjustment speed are proportional to the data adjustment speed, until the value stops adding/subtracting when it reaches the maximum value/minimum value.

In addition to its two-color touch slider with customizable colors, our product has most of the functions of an oven controller on the market, and our sound is more pleasant than our competitors, with a moderate decibel sound and a crisp tone, which is in line with the public aesthetics. Our power supply is safe and reliable, the voltage output is stable, it has self-protection function, and the temperature resistance is up to 105℃.

We are delighted to debut this fantastic product at IFA and return to Berlin after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic.

Elecontro®'s booth at IFA 2022 from September 4th to 6th (Messe Berlin, Hall 9, booth 177) will give visitors the opportunity to experience the company's latest EM17 full touch oven controller, including other oven controllers and Timer and hood controller.

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