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August New Product Promotion (ET3001T Oven Timer and EM17 Oven Controller)!

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Update time : 2022-09-02 17:45:29

Since the introduction of the first oven timer in 2002, Elecontro®'s reputation as a supplier of high-end kitchen appliance controls and a design innovator has grown. Its product options include built-in oven controls, steam oven controls, mini oven controls, fry controls, range hood controls and oven timers.

Elecontro® plans to continue to offer configurations and unique products to meet the custom and individual needs of customers.In every aspect of electrical appliance design, from display mode, display color, key type, buzzer tone options, to function selection, program setting, etc., we provide a variety of solutions for kitchen appliance controllers and timers.

In August, Elecontro® launched 2 new products in succession, they are ET3001T and EM17.

The user-friendly interface of these 2 products, optional control unit, perfect white display performance, clear and bright LCD screen display, the presentation effect is pleasing to the eye, and we can also customize the font color according to customer needs. And each stroke of the digital tube is smooth and concise, with good display consistency. We also provide OEM and customized services.

The second obvious advantage is that its keys are very sensitive to touch, and the corresponding function selection can be achieved by lightly clicking. Good quality control allows us to avoid all kinds of accidental touches in daily use, and we can set the control unit selection we want very well.

Elecontro® is at the forefront of new technologies when it comes to kitchen appliance controllers and timers, setting new standards in design, build quality and user experience, we have been building on the optimization of previous oven timers and controllers and updating them according to market conditions Replacement research and development of more high-quality products.

When you work with us, you get a guarantee of quality and absolute reliability at a very competitive price. No matter how big or small your operation is, there is an electronic controller for you.

Contact us for the latest catalogs and product brochures at the first time!

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