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What does the kitchen appliance controller assembly and processing cost include?

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Update time : 2022-09-06 15:40:59

For the custom assembly and processing of kitchen appliance controllers, many customers in the industry may generally only consider two words for the quotation given to them by the supplier, that is, the price of the product quotation is high or low. The level of this price may only refer to the quotation price given by other peer suppliers or the evaluation price in the industry at this stage, without considering which modules are included in this price, and the components and components of the quotation we give. Whether the product quality is higher than its peers, etc. Therefore, if the customer wants to know the product quotation we give, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of the whole process of labor and materials in the custom assembly of the kitchen appliance controller. The assembly and processing of the kitchen appliance controller is generally divided into three parts: PCB circuit boards , Component procurement, component welding (SMT placement / DIP plug-in after welding). The purchase price of its PCB circuit boards and components is generally open and transparent in the market. Except for PCB circuit boards and components, the cost is reflected in the assembly process.

1. Auxiliary materials: solder paste, tin bar, flux, UV glue, furnace fixture

The quality of solder paste and solder bar is the most important auxiliary material in the whole processing link. Generally, the price of domestic solder paste is 180~260/bottle, and the imported solder paste may be 320~480/bottle, so on the same welding area, The price of imported tin Yu will be much higher, but the difference in welding quality is very obvious.

2. SMT chip processing

SMT chip processing will vary in price depending on the number of points and packages. The price of high-volume SMT chip processing will be lower than the price of small-batch SMT chip processing. The larger the component package size, the easier it is to mount, and the corresponding quality defect rate will be reduced, so there is also more room for communication on the price.

3. Welding time cost after DIP plug-in

Because it involves the forming of special-shaped parts and materials, this link requires a lot of manual participation, and this link is the link with the most difficult cost control. At present, the labor cost remains high, and the cost of this link is generally high.

4. Assembly test: test fixture, test equipment, test man-hours

The price of the test fixture varies according to the difficulty of the test, and sometimes it also needs the assistance of test equipment such as optical fiber and ICT. The corresponding labor and equipment losses must be taken into account, but the test price will not be very high; some companies even test for free.

The whole process of kitchen appliance controller processing includes PCB circuit board processing, SMT patch, component procurement and inspection, SMT patch processing, post-soldering of DIP plug-in, programming test, assembly, function test, packaging and other processes.

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