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Kitchen Appliance Controller Life Cycle Solutions

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Author : elecontro
Update time : 2022-08-11 11:34:35

elecontro® is a leading company that develops and manufactures kitchen appliance controllers, constantly seeking product and process innovation, especially for oven controllers, timers and range hood controllers. We have independently developed over 20 products. We can also provide customized solutions according to the needs and expectations of our customers worldwide.


Aiming at providing self-developed kitchen appliance controller products and innovative solutions, elecontro® is ahead of the times, with a well-trained and capable R&D and engineering team, combined with major software and methods to complete process and product development, Introduce new products to the market.


elecontro® strictly abides by international quality standards in the R&D and manufacturing process, we have always had very strict requirements in terms of design, operation and process, quality and on-time delivery, all of which are the priority and core of elecontro®'s global operating rules. As a kitchen appliance controller R&D and manufacturing company, we at elecontro® provide high quality services in engineering, design and manufacturing, aiming to guarantee the quality level and deadlines specified by the customer.


At elecontro®, we provide solutions from design, manufacturing and testing to mass production and end-to-end product lifecycle solutions for the R&D and manufacturing of kitchen appliances. Designed to integrate all departments involved in product development, ensuring synergy between cross-departmental teams with a clear focus and meeting customer needs and expectations.


- Product planning and quality plan definition

- Product design and development

- Product Proofing Manufacturing

- Product testing

- Production start-up, evaluation and lessons learned

- Access to global supply chains and manufacturing facilities

- Leading mass production equipment

- Integrated supply chain system

As a company looking for long-term success, elecontro® is committed to developing projects for kitchen appliance controllers, realizing successful projects throughout the product life cycle.

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