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Reasons for Choosing Elecontro®!

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Update time : 2022-07-30 10:56:57

elecontro® is a leading company in the R&D, design and manufacture of kitchen appliance controllers. We constantly seek product and process innovation, and manufacture user-satisfied and cost-effective products according to the needs and expectations of global customers. Products include a variety of oven controllers and timers, as well as range hood controllers.

Our electronic devices are born from the close cooperation of our team of experts with our customers to determine the appropriate skills to meet the requirements of the project, from concept design to production stage. Providing knowledge, experience and technology, we ensure the best possible service before, during and after product delivery. This commitment makes us a strong and reliable partner now and in the future.

Most of our clients are from high-end markets: Europe and North America, such as Hair, Snowa, Simfer, Motorfan, etc. After working together for many years, they all spoke highly of us. Good products and competitive prices for our customers are our company philosophy.


We aim to help your company to achieve growth and financial success with following advantages:

  • lean manufacturing
  • Six Sigma philosophies
  • Integrated supply chain system
  • Leading-edge facilities
  • Cutting edge technology


Since the establishment of the company, elecontro®'s philosophy has remained the same: customer-centric, departmental work measured by customer satisfaction, striving to maximize customer value, exceed customer expectations, and complete projects.

Our relentless pursuit of product perfection has no commercial compromises in design, manufacture and cost.

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