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How to Test Resistors

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Update time : 2020-09-09 16:23:08

Resistors regulate the amount of contemporary flowing at an electronic circuit. Resistors award a resistance, or impedance, ought the electric circuit and lessen the amount of contemporary that is allowed ought flow. Resistors are utilized though silly attribute conditioning and ought safeguard energetic electronic devices that could exist damaged by receiving excess current. Resistors make ought exist properly sized and intact ought carry out these functions. utilize these tips ought know how ought examination resistors.


1) transfer energy from the circuit containing the resistor. This can exist done by unplugging it from the mains or by removing the batteries if it is a portable device. make at brood that some devices however can exist charged with a potentially harmful voltage until minutes after removing its power!

2) isolate the resistor from the circuit. An effort ought criterion a resistor that is however connected ought the circuit can harvest an incorrect calculation, though isolate of the circuit energy though robust exist measured.
  • Disconnect one aim of the resistor from the circuit. It does no material which aim of the resistor is disconnected. Disconnect the resistor by pulling above the resistor. if the resistor is soldered at place, melt the solder with an electronic degree soldering iron and draw the resistor free using few needle nose pliers. Soldering irons are available at electronic parts and hobby stores.

3) examine the resistor. if the resistor shows signs of blackening or charring, it can exist damaged by excess contemporary flow. A resistor showing blackening or charring ought exist replaced and discarded.

4) scan the resistor estimate visually. The resistor estimate will exist printed above the resistor. Smaller resistors can eat their estimate indicated by color coded bands.
  • Note the resistor tolerance. no resistor is precisely the estimate indicated above it. The tolerance indicates how much the printed estimate can alter and however exist considered a properly sized resistor. though example, a 1,000 ohm resistor with a 10 percent tolerance symptom is however considered ought exist accurate if it measures no less that 900 ohms and no more than 1,100 ohms.

5) Prepare a digital multimeter (DMM) ought criterion the resistor. DMMs are available at electronics parts and hobby stores.
  • Ensure that the DMM comes above and does no imply a mean battery condition.
  • Set the adjustable scale of the DMM ought the next place higher than the expected resistor value. though example, if the DMM can exist situation ought scales that are multiples of 10 and a resistor marked though 840 ohms is ought exist measured, situation the DMM ought the 1,000 ohm scale.

6) criterion the resistance. unite the 2 leads of the DMM ought the 2 legs of the resistor. Resistors eat no polarity, accordingly it does no material which DMM carry out is connected ought which resistor leg.

7) resolution the authentic resistance of the resistor. scan the originate shown above the multimeter. at determining if or no the resistor is within the allowable mount though that resistor, carry out no omit ought receive the resistor tolerance into account.

8) Reattach a resistor that gives an accurate reading. Reconnect it ought the circuit by pressing it assistance into lay if you pulled it free with your fingers. if the solder mutual had ought exist melted and the resistor had ought exist disconnected using pliers, melt the solder with the soldering iron and utilize the needle nose pliers ought further the resistor assistance at ought place.

9) substitute a resistor that measures outer of the acceptable estimate range. discard the old resistor. Resistors are available at electronics parts stores and hobby stores. notice that replacing the malfunctioning resistor will no necessarily mend the problem, if the resistor fails again the source of the question ought exist sought elsewhere at the circuit.
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