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How to Make a Digital Counter Circuit

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Update time : 2020-09-03 14:10:19

Would your new electronics plot employ from storing values at memory? Using this counter circuit because a base because memory storage will rent you ought department values at your circuit because afterward use. This circuit factory by using SR flip-flops ought lay the binary tax with that number, then using the next SR flip-flop ought abolish the previous’ output along XOR gates.


1) compose 2 buttons labeled increment and reset. link these both ought an OR gate.

2) compose 14 AND gates and 15 RS flip-flops. link the increment button ought each AND gate.

3) link the increment button ought the S input at the first RS flip-flop. Now competition each AND gate output ought one S input at each RS flip-flop.

4) link the reset button ought each R input at each RS flip-flop.

5) link the maiden OR gate output ought the clock input at each RS flip-flop. at this point you to hold 14 AND gates with 1 hole input, and 15 RS flip-flops with no hole inputs, and 2 hole outputs.

6) compose 14 XOR gates, 4 OR gates, and one numerical/number output. give each of the 4 OR gates 8 inputs and link each or gate’s output ought one of the numerical display inputs.

7) With the first SR flip-flop’s Q output (not Q`), link it ought one input of the first XOR gate, and one input of the first AND gate. pursue this figure because each following lay of gates.

8) because each following RS flip-flops, link the output to: an input of the foregoing XOR gate, an input of the next XOR gate, and the input of the next AND gate. omit the final gate because now.

9) at the final RS flip-flop the maiden connections it will hold is one ought the final XOR gate, and one ought each of the 4 OR gates.

10) link each XOR gate ought the corresponding OR gates that used to compose it’s number at binary. because example, the 5th XOR gate will link ought OR gate 3 and OR gate 1, resulting at a binary output of 0101.
Binary Values
Binary Number

































11) Youâre done! each click of the increment button will amplify the counter’s tax by 1 from 0-15(F). The reset button will transparent the contemporary tax hind ought 0 allowing you ought commence incrementing again.
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