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An Indispensable Controller in a Built-In Steam Oven!

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Author : elecontro
Update time : 2022-07-13 16:08:49

      With the development of science and technology, the utilization rate of ovens is getting higher and higher, and it has almost reached the point where every household has an oven, and other styles of products have also been extended, such as steam ovens, which have added steam on the basis of the original oven Function. And with the gradual reduction of the production cost of steam ovens, home steam ovens are becoming more and more popular in the market.

      Cooking in a steam oven has many advantages, especially when it comes to preserving the minerals and vitamins in the food. The taste of the product is authentic because the food is not submerged in the water and the steam transfers heat energy to the food faster and speeds up the cooking time. Reheating with steam also preserves flavor and prevents food from drying out. Controlling the amount of steam used can help maintain the moisture level in baked goods at the right time and achieve a bright appearance without egg wash.

      As a professional kitchen appliance controller manufacturer, elecontro® has rich experience in the manufacture of oven controllers. And we support OEM customization service, let us know your questions and needs. We listen, react and propose the Lean Manufacturing business model that works best for you. Benefit from our extensive expertise in kitchen appliance controllers.

      We have successfully developed a variety of steam oven controllers, such as SO11, EB10, etc. Most steam ovens have the following functions: LED screen display; 8 steaming and roasting modes; button light; clock display; scheduled roasting; door detection; water shortage reminder; descaling reminder; child lock; heating dynamic display; steam assist and many more.

      As a professional manufacturer of kitchen controls, elecontro®'s goal is to provide customized solutions for your products to meet your most complex supply chain challenges, helping your company achieve growth and financial success.

We have the following advantages:

 - Lean manufacturing

 - Six Sigma Philosophy

 - Integrated supply chain system

 - Leading facilities

 - Cutting edge technology

 - More than 10 years of R&D experience

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