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An oven controller (timer) built with elecontro®!

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Author : elecontro
Update time : 2022-07-14 17:54:49

elecontro® is an experienced R&D and manufacturer of kitchen appliance controllers. At elecontro®, we have always believed in the need to make products that fit between prototype and production (various kitchen appliance controllers). That's what our customers need us for - they simply choose the product that works for them or give their opinion, and we can meet their needs and manufacture products that meet and exceed expectations. Customers get multiple fully populated, demo-ready controllers.

This is all well and good, but we may have initially overlooked the possibility of handing over some "feature-specific" boards to those who could benefit from it. We can now do this without consuming engineering resources and we have launched many of our function specific boards: elecontro® oven timer, elecontro® built-in oven controller, elecontro® mini oven controller and many more. With so many online resources for feature boards with many functions, we thought this was a good starting point and a great help to our customers.

An oven timer like the elecontro® is just that - a complete timer for oven temperature and time control that does a great job of getting the oven to work, allowing people to enjoy delicious and visually pleasing meals.

Specifically, most elecontro® oven timers have the following functions:

- Semi-automatic program and fully automatic program control (optional)

-Display mode: LED

-20A relay

-Alarm timer

-With child lock function

-12-hour clock and 24-hour clock can be switched

-3 key tones, adjustable

- Adjustable screen brightness

We can also make custom changes based on your needs, designing a final product that matches your needs.

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