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OM25 Mini Oven Control Board

Item No.: OM25
Elecontro® manufactures a wide range of high-end and advanced electronic boards, and we plan to continue to offer a wide range of unique oven control boards to meet customer customization and individual needs.
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Elecontro®  is a professional electronic control board developer and manufacturer that has been active in the kitchen appliance sector for over years. We study, design and develop high-end oven control boards for various customers from all over the world.
Here, competence, flexibility and innovation go hand in hand. As a result of this formula, we are able to provide our clients with the best possible product.
Elecontro® OM25 Mini Oven Control Board Function
1. LED display
2. Heating mode setting (3 types)
3. Temperature setting
4. Cooking time setting
5. Cancel heating
6. Turn off the screen in standby
7. Working voltage: 220V~240V- 50/60Hz
8. Standby power consumption: relay release <0,5w / relay operation <1W

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