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Inverter Washing Machine Control Board

Item No.: EQ06
The Inverter washing machine control board is mainly used for computer control on the Inverter automatic washing machine. With its user-friendly interface and optional control unit, it can meet all your requirements. Support ODM and OEM service.
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Basic Introduction of Inverter Washing Machine Control Board
The Inverter washing machine control board is mainly used for computer control on the Inverter automatic washing machine. The intelligent program algorithm ensures the cleaning degree and low energy consumption of different types of clothes, and makes the whole pulsator washing machine run efficiently and intelligently by controlling self-balancing, variable frequency motor or ordinary motor. Each functional module can be customized according to customer needs.
Inverter Washing Machine Control Board Basic Functions
1. Fuzzy learning function
2. Automatic voice function: intelligent voice navigation and voice reminder, so that you can not only grasp the laundry status, but also get away to deal with other things while you are busy, making your life more convenient.
3. Program memory function: press the program light to the memory position, and then adjust the above options (washing time, water level, rinsing times, dehydration time, etc.), then press start, the current program will be saved in the memory position, next time When in use, adjusting the program light to the memory position is the program saved last time, and you can directly start the laundry directly.
4. BLDC Inverter function: variable speed energy saving technology, BLDC brushless motor, core power
5. Large-screen LCD progress display (color can be customized)
6. Adjustable setting of dehydration/washing speed
7. Power-off memory function: The washing machine is powered off during working operation. After the power supply is restored, it can start running from the power-off place to avoid restarting from scratch.
8. The softener feeding, washing and rinsing can be programmed separately, and the washing/rinsing water level can be set separately.
9. Upper drainage function, double water inlet function
10. Durability test program, the durability of the washing machine can be tested before leaving the factory


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