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Oven Timer

ET5001 Oven Timer

Item No.: ET5001
elecontro® ET5001 4 touch key oven timer LED display, semi-automatic program and automatic program control (optional), 3 kinds of screen brightness (adjustable), support OEM and customized service.

elecontro® ET-5001 Oven Timer Function

♦ Semi-automatic program and automatic program control (optional)
♦ 4 touch buttons
♦ Display mode: LED
♦ 20A relay
♦ Alarm timer
♦ 3 key tones, adjustable
♦ With child lock function
♦ 3 screen brightness, adjustable
♦ Voltage Range :AV85~265V
♦ Frequency  :50~60HZ
♦ Max. output power :4000W

♦ Timing and appointment function
♦ Function and temperature switch detection


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