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ET3T Oven Digital Timer

Item No.: ET3T
The Elecontro® ET3T is a built-in oven digital timer that allows your oven to cook food within a predetermined time.
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Elecontro® has been making a statement about good quality since we started and now wehas become a symbol of superiority in the kitchen appliance timer & controller. It's this passion that keeps us one step ahead in terms of trends and technology. Every day we are inspired to continue to develop new and innovative products for our customers, to push the boundaries of cooking appliance control board technology, and to set the bar for electronic control panel manufacturing standards.
Elecontro® ET3T Oven Digital Timer Basic Features
- LED display
- With child lock function
- Buzzer tone setting
- Automatic cooking
- Clock setting
- Alarm setting
- Optional display color  (white, amber, red)
- Nixie tube with 7-segment numbers and 4 special icons, three touch buttons
- Operating voltage: 230 Vac – 50/60 Hz
- Power consumption: when standby, the relay consumes < 0.5W / when working, the relay consumes < 1W
- Maximum switching power: 16A 250Vac
- Temperature performance: T105

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