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EQ02 Versatile Washing Machine Control Board

Item No.: EQ02-1
使用 elecontro® 最先进的洗衣机控制板,体验洗衣技术的巅峰之作。配备生动的 LED 显示屏和易于使用的物理按键
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Product Description:
Experience the pinnacle of laundry technology with elecontro®'s cutting-edge washing machine control board. Outfitted with a vibrant LED display and easy-to-use physical buttons, this control board transforms your washing routine with unparalleled efficiency. Designed to work seamlessly within an input voltage range of AC175-265V and an optimal working voltage of 230VAC, it caters to the standard 50Hz/60Hz frequency, ensuring compatibility across various regions. The commitment to energy efficiency is evident with the board's ultra-low standby power consumption of less than 0.5W and active consumption under 1W, making it an eco-friendly choice for modern households.
Product Features:
Versatile Washing Programs: Choose from standard, quick, soak, and soft wash options, along with specialized cycles for underwear, bulky items, and a combination wash-and-bleach function.
Efficient Drying and Dehydration: Equipped with dedicated dehydration and drying modes to suit all your laundry needs.
Advanced Sterilization: A sterilization mode ensures your clothes are not just clean but also hygienically so.
Self-Cleaning Tub: The self-cleaning feature maintains the washer's hygiene with minimal effort.
Child Lock Control: An integrated child lock keeps the washing process safe for families.
User-Friendly Interface: The LED display and tactile buttons offer a user-friendly interface for hassle-free operation.
Energy-Saving Design: With low power consumption, it's designed to be gentle on your bills and the environment.
Convenient Scheduling: The ability to make washing appointments adds convenience to your busy life.
Interactive Feedback: Monitor your washing times and enjoy pleasant auditory cues during operation.

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