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EM30 TFT Knob Oven Controller

Item No.: EM30
User friendly knob oven controller with colored TFT screen allows you to  control your oven easily and perfectly!
Description Review
Luxury, minimalist, novelty, user-friendly......these are first words coming up in minds when most of people saw Elecontro®’s new TFT knob oven controller EM30. After years’ working and research in kitchen appliance sector, Elecontro® knows well about what the market favors. 
We focus on perfect user experience by unremittingly improve our product design and quality. And EM30 is one of the best proof. Elegant large TFT screen combines with 80mm-diameter knob shape, which brings a revolutionary concept for built-in oven controllers. When you gently rotate the knob, it will easily realize basic functions, such as  temperature setting, time setting, mode switching, recipes selecting, etc. 
Contact us for more detail about this new controller now! Under the support of Elecontro®’s EM30, we believe the market will feed you good new soon! 
Elecontro® EM30 TFT Knob Oven Controller Function
1. Color touchable TFT screen
2. 17 modes to choose(customizable)
3. Automatic cooking
4. 4 sets of heating tube relays 10A (customizable)
5. Alarm setting
6. Furnace lamp control
7. Fork function
8. Fast warm-up
9. Door detection
10. Automatic standby
11. 28 menu options (customizable)
12. Support wide voltage input: 100~250V

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