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EM19 Touch Oven Controller

Item No.: EM19
The elecontro® EM19 touch oven controller hides the display effect, the display is clear and bright, and more functions meet your individual needs and accurately control the temperature. Support OEM customized service.
Description Review
The kitchen is the heart of every home. A place to meet and eat. At Elecontro®, we have gone out of our way to bring you a wide range of quality kitchen appliance accessories. Among them our touch oven controller has a variety of modes to choose from, anticipating all your needs and wishes when using your oven; its products combine innovation and design, style and versatility. No matter what you do with your oven, you will find the perfect match in your Elecontro® kitchen appliance accessories.
Elecontro® EM19 Touch Oven Controller Features
 11 Touch buttons
 8 modes to choose from
4 Groups of heating tube relays 10A (customizable)
Clock settings
 Automatic cooking
 White display effect, brightness can be switched
 Child lock function
 Furnace light control
 Quick warm-up
 Automatic standby
 Pleasant sound
 Support wide voltage input: 100~250V

Advantages of the Elecontro® EM19 Touch Oven Controller
 Safe and reliable power supply, stable voltage output, with self-protection function. The power supply scheme has passed the EMC certification.
 Hide the display effect, the display is clear and bright.
The interactive interface is concise, user operation is simple and easy to understand.

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