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EM12 High-Performance Kitchen Appliance - Automatic Cooking Controller

Item No.: EM12
This automatic cooking controller is a powerful kitchen appliance that allows for control of multiple heating modes and menu selections through touch buttons. It also features smart temperature settings, alarms, and independent fan and light control
Description Review

Product features:

  • Wide voltage range: AC100-250V
  • Frequency range: 50-60HZ
  • Temperature resistance up to 85°C
  • LED display mode
  • Sleek white design
  • Control via 8 touch buttons
  • 3 selectable heating modes
  • Temperature setting function
  • Semi-automatic and full-automatic cooking modes
  • Programmable alarm function
  • Selection of 20 menus
  • Quick preheat function
  • Lighting control
  • Independent fan control
  • Child lock feature
  • Automatic standby function
  • 12/24-hour time format

Product specifications table:

Parameter Value
Voltage range AC100-250V
Frequency 50-60HZ
Temperature resistance 85°C
Display mode LED
Control mode 8 touch buttons
Color White
Heating modes 3 options (customizable)
Temperature setting Supported
Cooking modes Semi-automatic, full-automatic
Alarm settings Supported
Menu selection 20 options (customizable)
Quick preheat Supported
Lighting control Supported
Independent fan control Supported
Child lock control Supported
Automatic standby Supported
Time format 12/24-hour format

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