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Drum Washing Machine Control Board

Item No.: EG02
This product is used in washing machines, with program options such as upper drainage function, standare, quick wash, Wool, down feather, shirt, winter jacket, Kids, simple dehydration, etc.
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At Elecontro®, our goal is to provide every customer with the home appliance accessory they want - an accessory that perfectly matches their equipment. That's why every Elecontro® product fits perfectly into your home appliances. Each product is individually planned and crafted with the utmost precision. We also support ODM and OEM service for the drum washing machine control board.
The Basic Functions of the Drum Washing Machine Control Board

1. Upper drainage function:Choose multiple drainage locations, no need for drainage pumps, saving resources

2. A variety of washing programs can be selected arbitrarily according to the degree of dirtiness of the clothes. Standare, quick wash, Wool, down feather, shirt, winter jacket, Kids, simple dehydration, etc.

3. Intelligent reservation function: Reservation start-up and washing program function, which can conveniently realize the machine's on-off control and washing program control. and save energy

4. Adjustable elution speed: the washing time and dehydration speed can be adjusted, which is convenient and quick

5. Multifunctional mite removal function:Combining powerful beating, cleaning exhaust, ultraviolet light sterilization, and rotating brush work together to remove mites in clothes more thoroughly

6. Clothes can be added while working: How frustrating is it when you turn on the washing machine and find a stray sock on the stairs? The Add Garment feature lets you quickly toss in any extras during the wash.

Rated spin-dry power:500W Rated washing power:200W


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