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EM17 Built-in Oven Control Board

Item No.: EM17
This product is used in ovens, with a user-friendly interface, optional control unit, 12 modes to choose from, the color of the slider can be customized, and the interface is beautiful. All your requirements are met. OEM and customization available.
Description Review
Elecontro® has always paid close attention to the search for new technologies and solutions for the perfect user experience, which are synonymous with the products the company manufactures. Elecontro® has always shown a willingness to develop together with its customers in an integrated way. Let our products (built-in oven control boards) be perfectly integrated into your equipment to meet your daily needs, and professional technology makes your equipment have an excellent experience when using it, making life easier, better, and safer.
Elecontro®  Built-in Oven Control Board Feature
♦ Two-color touch slider (color can be customized)
♦ 16 touch buttons
♦ 12 mode options 
♦ White display effect
♦ 4 groups of heating tube combined control
♦ Automatic cooking
♦ Alarm setting
♦ Independent fan control
♦ Furnace light control
♦ Child lock function
♦ Door detection
♦ Quick warm-up
♦ Door detection
♦ Automatic standby
♦ 20 menu options (customizable)
♦ Pleasant sound
♦ Support wide voltage input: 100~250V
Elecontro®  Built-in Oven Control Board Advantage
♦ The parameter setting supports finger sliding to modify the value, bringing a new user experience.
♦ The color of the slider can be customized, and the interface is beautiful.
♦ The buttons can distinguish the brightness display, and the interactive experience is good.
♦ Safe and reliable power supply, stable voltage output , with self-protection function, and the temperature resistance is up to 105℃.


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