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Air fryer circuit board

Item No.: TE-01-51
The air fryer control panel has the functions of automatic power off, 360° circular heating without dead Angle and fault alarm.

Our Air fryer circuit board function

♦ High speed air circulation technology
♦ Adjustable temperature control
♦ Customized delicious recipes
♦ Device for separating food
♦ Automatic power off, safe and reliable
♦ 360° no dead Angle circular heating


Our Air fryer circuit board function

♦ Pre-warming function
♦ Overheating protection safety
♦ Innovative dynamic air flow technology, high-speed and uniform heat conduction, 360-degree high-speed circulation
♦ 8 preset menus, easy to operate
♦ The programmable temperature control range is 40 ~ 200℃
♦ After cooking, it will automatically shut down and prepare signal

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