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What are the Packaging Requirements for Shipment of Home Appliance Controllers?

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Author : elecontro
Update time : 2022-04-21 11:33:28

Before leaving the factory, the home appliance controller needs special packaging to prevent damage during transportation and ensure that the home appliance controller board finally delivered to the customer is intact. Next, I would like to talk to you about some requirements for shipping packaging of appliance controllers.
1. Moisture requirements
Before packaging, the surface of the home appliance controller should be cleaned and dried, and the three-proof paint should be sprayed (the three-proof paint with moisture-proof, dust-proof and anti-oxidation functions can effectively prolong the storage time). The packaging site is clean, and the temperature and humidity comply with the relevant regulations of the controller.
2. Anti-static packaging
Static electricity has long been the "killer" of electronic components in controllers. Anti-static bags can protect electro-sensitive components from potential electrostatic hazards to a large extent. In the packaging, anti-static packaging must be carried out to prevent electronic components from being damaged.
Antistatic packaging materials are: bubble bags, pearl cotton, electrostatic bags and vacuum bags.
Requirements for placing anti-static bags:Try to keep one of the components close to each other, no more than 2 controllers.

3. Shockproof packaging
Put the packaged home appliance controller into a box with anti-static effect, place it vertically, stack up to no more than two layers, and add a partition in the middle to keep it fixed to prevent shaking.
After the home appliance controller is packaged, appropriate labels such as light, upward, and moisture-proof should be printed on the outside of the box. It will also put the customer company name + product model + quantity + number of boxes (this depends on the customer's requirements)
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