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elecontro® Introduces the New ET5001 Oven Timer

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Author : elecontro
Update time : 2022-04-15 15:58:47

elecontro®, a well-known brand in the development and manufacture of home appliance controllers, recently launched the new ET5001 oven timer, an upgraded version of the ET5000. On the basis of the ET5000 timer, there are more timing functions and reservation functions, as well as function and temperature switch detection.
elecontro®'s oven timer has 4 sensitive touch keys that allow the user to set the cooking time and temperature. Moreover, it also has a child lock function to prevent children from touching and causing injury to children and other interfaces of the oven from entering indiscriminately. It also has 3 kinds of screen brightness adjustable, which can be adjusted to the most suitable brightness according to the surrounding environment and eye comfort. Its entire interface looks very clean and easy to understand.
The market needs a simple oven timer for basic applications, so we have developed a basic oven timer to fill this gap, and we also provide customization services that can change the function, appearance, and more according to the user's needs.
Since 2002, Tecoo has grown in terms of product capabilities, market experience and global reach. We are customer-centric, the sales market is all over the world, and we have established long-term close cooperation with customers in the United States, Mexico, Turkey, Europe and Asia and other countries. The company has grown from strength to strength with the same commitment - to provide customers with quality products and services that meet their individual needs.

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