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What are the benefits of the elecontro® oven timer?

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Update time : 2022-03-29 15:12:48

The built-in oven timer is one of the kitchen timers, mainly used for electronic equipment in the home kitchen. Its display method is LED display, with alarm and timing functions, and it can customize the time to heat food for different foods. Time setting is an indispensable accessory for our oven equipment, and it is also our kitchen helper.

The maximum working temperature of the oven timer is 120°C. Most of the timer shapes are divided into square, round and rectangular, and elecontro® supports customization. Using a timer like this can help you master the time better and cook more delicious dishes.
elecontro®'s oven timer has a choice of 3 alarm sounds, pre-order and delayed cooking. When you're out at work, use the timer to set the time and temperature and let the oven cook automatically, so you can enjoy delicious food when you get home.
elecontro® is a professional home appliance controller research and development factory, and has successfully developed built-in oven timer, mini oven control board, built-in oven control board, range hood control board, air fryer control board, etc. We support OEM and customized services for home appliances, as well as product research and development according to customer needs.

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