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Talking About the Test Equipment Needed for the Manufacture of Kitchen Electric Controllers

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Update time : 2022-06-16 17:56:33

elecontro® was established in 2002. a strong professional R&D team, and is committed to serving high-end and demanding customers. The company's current service areas mainly focus on steam ovens, range hood controllers, timers R&D and manufacturing. Each of our products must be tested by professional equipment, such as ICT online tester, FCT function test and aging test need to use some equipment, the following is the specific content.

FCT automatic tester is a test tool for testing whether kitchen appliance controller is qualified; FCT automatic test is divided into two parts (main part and test fixture part); the main part of FCT automatic tester includes computer system and signal sampling system. kitchen appliance controller testing refers to the electrical continuity and input and output value-based detection of PCB boards that have undergone SMT chip processing, DIP plug-in processing and other processing links. kitchen appliance controller testing is an important part of the manufacturing process and usually requires a lot of testing equipment. Common kitchen appliance controller test equipment are: ICT online tester, FCT function test and burn-in test.
1. ICT online tester. ICT is an automatic online tester, which has a wide range of applications and is easy to operate. ICT automatic online tester is mainly for production process control, which can measure resistance, capacitance, inductance and integrated circuits. It is particularly effective for detecting open circuits, short circuits, and component damage, with accurate fault location and easy maintenance.
2. FCT function test. The FCT functional test is to provide a simulated operating environment such as excitation and load to the kitchen appliance controller board, and can obtain various state parameters of the board to detect whether the functional parameters of the board meet the design requirements. FCT functional test items mainly include voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency, duty cycle, brightness and color, character recognition, voice recognition, temperature measurement, pressure measurement, motion control, FLASH and EEPROM programming, etc.
3. Aging test. Aging test refers to the process of simulating the various factors involved in the actual use of the product to carry out the corresponding condition strengthening experiment on the aging of the product. According to the electronic product kitchen appliance controller board, a long-term power-on test can be carried out to simulate the use of the customer, and the input/output test can be carried out to ensure that its performance meets the market demand. These three kinds of testing equipment are common in the kitchen appliance controller process. kitchen appliance controller testing is performed in the kitchen appliance controller processing link to ensure that the kitchen appliance controller board delivered to the customer meets the customer's design requirements and greatly reduces the repair rate.
As a professional kitchen appliance controller manufacturer, elecontro® has extensive experience in R&D and manufacturing in the industry, providing turnkey solutions that can handle all needs in one stop, such as R&D, testing, prototyping, finished product assembly, box-build assembly , design assistance, after-sales service, etc., to maximize product quality and shorten the time-to-market of customers' products.

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