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Range Hoods: How to Replace the Circuit Control Board

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Author : elecontro
Update time : 2022-06-01 16:49:52

When there is a problem with the range hood, friends with strong hands-on ability can try to fix the range hood by themselves. But only when there is a problem with the control board in the range hood.

Step 1: Disconnect mains power
Disconnect power to the device by turning off its circuit breaker before proceeding. It's not enough to just turn off the device with an on/off switch. Failure to completely disconnect power to the device could result in serious injury.

Step 2: Remove the filter and bottom panel
To remove the filter, use two fingers to pull down on the filter latch tab. After releasing the latch, gently pull the filter straight out. After removing the filter, use a screwdriver to remove the screws that secure the base plate to the range hood. After removing the screws, gently pull the base plate out of the cooker hood. When removing the screws from the base plate, be sure to secure the base plate by hand to ensure that it does not fall and cause damage. Any serious damage to the cooker hood base plate can cause problems with reinstallation.

Step 3: Remove the side panel
Locate the harness connector for the light socket from behind the side panel. Once located, unplug the harness connector, pull the side panel inward to unlock it from its position, and unplug the light's harness. Gently remove the side panel.

Step 4: Remove the fan blades
Using a screwdriver, remove the wire spring clips that secure the fan blades to the motor. After removing the fan blade clip, pull the fan blade off the motor. Remove the spring clips with a screwdriver. Pull the fan blades off the motor.

Step 5: Locate and Remove the Electric Control Board
The electronic control board is generally located near the front of the unit. Once the control board is located, remove the mounting screws.
Pull the electronics board out of the hood and disconnect the wiring harness. Remember to mark the positions of the various lines as you remove them. For example, the zero line, the live line, the light line, and the fast, medium, slow and three-speed connection lines of the range hood. Then pull out the various wires with needle nose pliers.

Step 6: Install the New Electronic Control Board
Carefully insert the new electronic control board into the range hood control board. Be sure to see the corresponding wires on the control board of the range hood, and place the wiring harness plugs into their seats. Align the control board with the mounting holes and secure it to the control board.

Step 7: Reinstall the fan blades
Put the fan blade back on the motor and press down. Secure it to the motor using spring clips.
Use spring clips to secure the fan blades to the motor.

Step 8: Reinstall the range hood
Raise the hood near its mounting location, then pull the power cord through the clip, slide the hood over the mounting screws and tighten them. Find the side panels of the range hood and slide them back into the frame.
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