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Improve your cooking skills by upgrading your oven with these timers!

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Update time : 2022-07-27 11:45:24

elecontro® is one of the best manufacturers in the field of R&D and manufacturing of kitchen appliance controllers, with a professional R&D and manufacturing team. We leverage our extensive knowledge in the R&D and design of kitchen appliance controllers to provide high-quality and reliable controllers for the kitchen appliance market.


At present, most built-in ovens on the market have timers, and the oven time is controlled by the oven timer. elecontro® has rich experience in R&D and manufacturing of timers. We have a variety of oven timers, such as ET42T, ET52T , ET32K, ET32T, ET02K, ET02T, ET5, etc. Most of the functional effects of oven timers on the market are available in our company, and we also support customized production products according to customer requirements. And our products are compared with those of our competitors. Our products are more sensitive to touch, and the interface display effect is better. We have always been known for the quality of our products and are liked by the majority of users.


In order to improve and facilitate the user experience on the basis of ensuring product quality,elecontro® has been listening to the needs of customers, and has carried out research and development experiments and tests many times to meet the needs of users. The touch sensitivity of the product and the LED display effect have been improved many times. The display effect can be manually adjusted (3 kinds of screen brightness, adjustable), and users can adjust the brightness to the most comfortable brightness for themselves. In addition, we are also very careful in the selection of component suppliers. Based on customer needs, we will check whether this supplier is our best choice based on our experience. We will consider many times according to various situations. After the first commissioning, we will ensure that the product achieves our overdue effect before long-term cooperation can be achieved.


Since our products are popular in most markets, the quality of our products is obvious to all, elecontro® manufactures kitchen appliance controllers (oven timers) according to strict requirements and international quality standards.

If you are interested in our products please contact us immediately to develop the ideal solution for your project.


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