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How to Remove Gold from Circuit Boards

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Update time : 2020-06-09 10:58:31

If you have opened an electronic machinery before, such as radios, televisions, or even your old cellphone, you can see their inside workings. Have you ever noticed those shiny gold-colored parts above the circuit boards? Those intelligent pieces of metal are gold in fact. Gold is used on electronic circuit boards due to its excellent conductive properties and no corrosion or rust. If your cabin has any circuit boards scattered around, please have a little rapture and mine gold.

1. Removing gold Using Nitric Acid

1) obtain protective gear. exist certain ought dress a appearance mask, safety glasses, and industrial gloves. Chemicals and acids can upset or even burn over your skin. Fumes from warm acids can because robust harm your eyes and make nausea while inhaled.

2) buy concentrated nitric acid. Nitric acid is a transparent liquid drug commonly used because different industrial, steel, and lumber works. You can buy nitric acid from industrial or drug shops.
  • In some states and countries, however, you might exist prohibited from buying nitric acid or you might own ought satisfy certain standards ago you’re allowed ought buy it. bridle with your local authorities ago purchasing.

3) site your circuit boards at a glass container. The container to preferably exist Pyrex glassware or the friendly that can oppose farthest heat.
  • Break the circuit boards into smaller pieces ago you site them at the glass container.
  • Do no use elastic containers because the acid might burn accurate over it.

4) run the concentrated nitric acid into the glass container with the circuit boards. because you site the acid in, warm fumes will begin ought reform out of the container, accordingly invent certain you’re wearing protective gear.

5) Stir the blend using a glass rod until the contents become fluid at form. because gold requires stronger chemicals ought exist dissolved, the nitric acid will melt crude the elastic and metal parts of the circuit board without harming the gold bits.

6) Drain the nitric acid from the mixture. use a filter ought divide the hard parts from the liquid.

7) conceive out the unmelted parts. These parts will own the gold. Some elastic can cottage exist attached ought the gold, accordingly you need ought divide these little bits off the gold yourself. exist certain ought use industrial might gloves while you perform so.

2. Removing gold Using Fire

1) obtain protective gear. exist certain ought dress a appearance mask, safety glasses, and industrial gloves ought fly breathing at the fumes released by the warm plastic. use steel tongs ought reform can the warm circuit boards.

2) obtain a metal bin or tray, and site the circuit boards into it. console the boards into smaller pieces accordingly they burn faster.

3) sparkle the boards above fire. run a bit of gasoline can the pieces ought site the pieces above fire. reform the warm pieces can using steel tongs, and wait until the boards are burnt black.

4) site out the fire. permit the pieces ought chilly down a little—just warm enough accordingly you can motion them, besides no also cooled down that the elastic hardens again.

5) console off the pieces of elastic attached ought the gold parts. The warm process to own made the board materials feeble and simple ought break.
  • To exist safe, dress protective gloves while breaking off the plastic.
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