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How to avoid the side effects of range hoods !

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Update time : 2022-09-23 11:46:59
Cooking, frying, frying, Chinese people can be said to be the ultimate in food. Everything on the tip of the tongue can trigger the taste buds, but the food will inevitably produce a lot of fumes during the cooking process. While the food is out, the kitchen becomes very messy. At this time, the appearance of the range hood perfectly solves this pain point, and can also reduce the respiratory diseases caused by the fumes. However, in the process of continuous smoking, the range hood will also be covered with dirt, which is not only dirty but also brings a lot of harm.
There is a "time bomb" at home, running cigarettes causes cancer and goes crazy?
According to previous statistics, the current of the range hood that has not been cleaned for a long time is 3-6 times the normal value, which is easy to burn the motor; , increase the diffusion of oil fume in the kitchen, and women who cook in the kitchen for a long time will increase the risk of lung cancer by 2-3 times. Among non-smoking female lung cancer patients, more than 60% are exposed to kitchen fume for a long time.
Fires caused by range hoods are not uncommon every year. Searching the news will find that school logistics and hotel kitchens are high accident places, often caused by the sudden flames from the oil pan that ignite the range hoods. This is because the range hoods are attached too much. When encountering an open flame or high temperature, the oil pollution will directly cause the range hood to catch fire, so every family has a hidden "time bomb" that threatens the safety of the kitchen, which needs to be solved urgently.
Elecontro®, as a professional R&D and manufacturer of kitchen electric controllers, its self-developed range hood controller has ultra-high safety performance detection. It can automatically power off when abnormality is detected, and it can safely protect every day. Let your kitchen change Smoke free and safe.
However, cleaning the range hood is really a headache. Many people only clean the exterior of the range hood, at most the oil cup and oil net, but in fact, it is the inside that is really dirty. If you only clean the outside without cleaning the inside, it is like washing your face every day. Brushing your teeth doesn't address the real source of pollution. The reason is that the oil fume is generally filtered and condensed by the oil net to form oil droplets and collect into the oil cup. Although the oil cup will be full for a period of time, the oil filtered by the oil net is only a drop in the bucket, and most of the oil will be eaten by the range hood and accumulated on the impeller in the flue.
The cooker hood with the cooker hood controller provided by Elecontro® is easy to disassemble and install due to its optimized structure. It has a one-key cleaning function, which brings great convenience to users during daily cleaning, and the oil stains are cleaned, the health of the family is guaranteed.
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