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How can kitchen appliance control boards prevent interference?

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Update time : 2022-09-30 16:21:08

With the development of science and technology, kitchen appliances are becoming more and more popular in daily life, basically everyone has kitchen appliances, so more and more kitchen appliance control board manufacturers appear on the market. Each kitchen appliance control board manufacturer has different levels of R&D and manufacturing capabilities, and the price difference is also relatively large, and there are also great differences in the R & D and manufacturing solutions of kitchen appliance control boards, which also causes the quality of kitchen appliance control boards to be good or bad . The core of the kitchen appliance control board is the quality problem. Many control panel manufacturers did not have a corresponding perfect solution in this aspect in the early stage, resulting in a waste of time, cost and resources for partners.

What are the common kitchen appliance control board solutions?

      1. Reduce interference sources and ensure stable operation

      Nonlinear load is a source of interference with extremely wide frequency, especially the interference of nonlinear load. There are two main methods to suppress it. One is to start with the nonlinear load itself. In order to reduce the interference, the quality of the carbon brush itself and the commutator should be guaranteed. At the same time, it is necessary to protect the carbon brush to have proper pressure on the commutator, and finally, the fixing of the machine base must be reliable to avoid unstable operation caused by mechanical operation.

      2. Prevent conducted interference

      In order to prevent the conduction interference generated by the control board circuit, a capacitor C can be connected in parallel at the inlet of the circuit, as shown in the connection diagram of a simple capacitive interference immunity circuit. A safety resistor must be connected in parallel at both ends of the capacitor to prevent the plug of the power cord from being charged for a long time when the power cord is unplugged.

      3. Reasonable matching of capacitor capacity

      The capacity of kitchen appliance control board capacitors should not be too large, and the filtering performance of large-capacity capacitors for filtering high-end interference signals is extremely poor, especially the high-frequency performance of polyester film capacitors is generally poor, and the polyester film dielectric The high frequency response characteristics are far from ceramic or mica.

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