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How to Use the Oven ?

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Author : elecontro
Update time : 2022-09-22 11:31:07
Ovens are amazing kitchen appliances. The person who invented the oven is amazing. This invention saved many families. Whether cooling or baking, the machine can meet your needs and users can cook their food better because they can set the temperature, unlike cooking on a gas stove. Also, heating food in the oven doesn't mean nutrients are lost; the food retains all of its nutrients. Let's take a deep dive into what you need to know about your oven.
What is an oven?
An oven is a kitchen appliance designed to heat food using ultra-high heat from heating tubes. High temperatures can pass through paper, plastic, glass and collect in cavities.
How does the oven work?
The equipment has upper and lower heating tubes, inner and outer heating tubes, which can generate heat. This heat collects in the cavity of the machine and is then absorbed by the food. In addition, the high temperature vibrates the water molecules in the food, creating the heat needed for cooking. Therefore, foods with a high water content, such as vegetables, cook faster than dry foods.
How to use the oven safely?
Generally speaking, ovens are safe because the FDA tests them before putting them on the market. Still, some people have suffered burns and injuries due to improper maintenance or use.
Here are some tips for using the device properly:
● Use oven-safe containers: Use cookware designed for ovens. It is recommended to use high temperature resistant glass products, porcelain bowls, stainless steel bowls, plastic products should not be used, because they will heat the food unevenly and thus damage the food. Also, plastic containers melt when heated. The FDA recommends using containers designed for oven use.
● Check for leaks: You should pay attention when seals, latches and door hinges are damaged. FDA advises users to inspect for any damage. If there is a problem, do not use the oven.
● Do not use ovens that work with the door open: There have been reports of some appliances working with the door open. Heating should be stopped when a problem is found.
● Follow the manufacturer's instructions: Check the manufacturer's instructions on how to use the safety measures.
● Report a problem: If you suspect damage, signs of leaks, or radiation problems, contact the manufacturer immediately. Alternatively, you can report the problem to FDA by mail.
Our company has a variety of oven controllers to choose from, such as EB12, EM11, EM17, EM18, EM19, etc. The following are the general functions of our oven controllers:
1. Quick preheating function: let you finish the real cooking faster
2. Child lock function: safe, prevent children from accidentally touching
3. 20 menu choices: a wealth of recipes for you to choose from
4. Automatic cooking: one-key start, easy and worry-free
5. Door detection: 360 degree safety protection without dead angle
Elecontro®-Professional research and development and manufacture of oven controllers, which can make your oven work better, more efficient, safer and more convenient in baking food. The food is more delicious, the operation is easier, and the temperature and time can be precisely controlled.
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