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Common faults and solutions of small household ovens

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Update time : 2022-02-25 15:17:10

There are many common faults in household ovens, such as the indicator light of the oven control panel is not on and does not heat up, the indicator light is on but not heating, electricity leakage, oven timer failure, etc.
It is a very common small household oven failure that the indicator light does not light up and does not heat up. The treatment methods are as follows:
a. Confirm whether the power supply panel is normally powered
b. Confirm whether the circuit components are damaged, if there is damage, contact the maintenance center
c. Confirm whether the heating has been completed, because the oven will automatically stop working after heating to the set time
d. Confirm whether the timing is correct. Most ovens will not work without setting the timing.

When the indicator light is on but not heating, the electric oven does not heat up because of the following reasons:
a. Check the temperature setting of the oven. If it is because the temperature setting is too low, please reset the temperature
b. Check whether the heating control (thermostat) jumps off because the heating has reached the set temperature
c. After excluding the above two points, it is suspected that the heating element is damaged, please contact the maintenance center to replace the heating element

Electric leakage: One of the common problems of small household ovens is electric leakage. When electric leakage occurs, the power supply of the electric oven should be disconnected immediately to achieve complete electromechanical separation, and then complete the fault diagnosis and treatment in the following two steps:
a. Check whether the grounding of the power supply is correct. If the grounding is incorrect, it must be reconnected to the ground before use.
b. If the grounding circuit is found to be good, the electric oven must be stopped immediately and the maintenance center must be contacted for troubleshooting

Usually, the timer of the electric oven fails in two cases: one is that the time of the timer is inaccurate; the other is that the timer does not return after being set. When encountering a timer failure, everyone should pay attention not to disassemble the box and repair it by yourself, because the timer of the electric oven is a relatively precise controller, and it is difficult to troubleshoot without considerable experience and professional maintenance tools. Therefore, When the timer of the electric oven is found to be faulty, it is recommended to stop using it and send it to a professional repair center for troubleshooting.

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