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Industrial Controller

Story between Tecoo and C company-we produce Air compressor control board for our European customer, who specialize in supplying high-end air compressor controllers to the world famous brand air compressor enterprises and have a important position in the market.
All components for PCBA are international famous brand, we make sure of the components source, model, specification, including the metal accessories, case, label, glue,conformal coating,etc. After each component arrives, we carry out quality and reliability inspection. By this way, we can gaurentee projects quality from the very beginning.
Tecoo has the advanced fully automated equipments, including SMT, AI, wave soldering machine, ICT, FCT and full set of reliability testing devices.
On the basis of ensuring the implementation of ISO-9001, we adopt the Six Sigma management method for this project.Each department adopts the matrix interactive work method in each large process to ensure that the project is effectively controlled in all aspects, and constantly improves through performance measurement to achieve higher and higher customer satisfaction.
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