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Washing Machine Motor Controller

Item No.: TE-01-118
A washing machine motor controller is a circuit board of a cleaning appliance that uses electrical energy to produce a mechanical effect to wash clothes. It can be divided into pulsator washing machine motor controller and drum washing machine motor contr
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At Elecontro®, our certifications and experience set us apart from all other contract manufacturers. Because we're an OEM ourselves originally, we understand your concerns, and we know how to provide you with the right service and support to ensure your success. With over 20 years of manufacturing experience, Elecontro® can handle your manufacturing projects, no matter what industry you are in. And in the washing machine motor controller project, we have customized the most suitable one-stop electronic contract manufacturing solutions for customers many times, which can speed up the time-to-market while ensuring product quality. And the feedback from customers who have worked with us is positive.
Washing Machine Motor Controller Basic Functions
1、Washing time can be set
2、10 washing procedures
3、8 stage electronic water level
4、Make a 24-hour appointment
5、LED display          
6、Strong cleaning ability             
7、Low temperature washing, energy saving
8、Multi-function three machine integration, avoid the trouble of taking out clothes to dry
9、Automatic detection and release of detergent
10、Automatic fault detection and alarm function

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