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Washing Machine Electronic Board

Item No.: TE-01-111
With over 20 years of R&D manufacturing experience, Elecontro® can handle your washing machine electronic board project. We custom design the most suitable one-stop solution for customers many times, speeding up their time-to-market while ensuring product
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Washing Machine Electronic Board Introduction

The intelligent program algorithm of the washing machine electronic board ensures the washing degree of different types of clothes and lower energy consumption, and makes the whole washing machine run efficiently and intelligently by controlling self-balancing, variable frequency motors or ordinary motors. Each functional module can be customized according to customer needs. OEM and ODM services can be accepted.

Washing Machine Electronic Board Basic Functions

1. There are a variety of programs to choose from (customizable)

2. With digital display and LED indicator.

3. Electronic water level, which can detect the weight of clothes according to fuzzy weighing, and automatically select the appropriate water level. Save water.

4. Power-off memory function, after the power supply is restored, it can start running from the power-off place, avoiding starting from scratch and saving time.

5. Automatic memory function. The controller can remember the program last selected by the user.

6. It has the function of self-checking and fault alarm. When a certain part of the washing machine is detected to be faulty, it can alarm and stop working.

7. Durability test program, the durability of the washing machine can be tested before leaving the factory.

8. Multiple protections: voltage, current, power, speed, etc.


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