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Washing Machine Computer Board

Item No.: EQ01
Elecontro® is a specialist in R&D and manufacturing of computer boards for washing machines with competitive prices and high reliability. Its control board has LED display, which can visually see the working progress of the product, which is convenient an
Description Review
Elecontro® focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of home appliance controllers. We always pay attention to a wide range of consumer needs, and combine innovation and design, style and versatility to manufacture home appliance accessories that meet your needs. For washing machine boards, we manufacture drum washing machine boards and top wheel washing machine boards. Our technicians bring their extensive 20 years of experience working together to design with customers, and buyers in Europe, the Middle East, and North and South America appreciate our wide selection of controllers.
Basic Functions of Washing Machine Computer Board
This product is generally suitable for different capacities between 6KG and 9KG, and has power key, start/pause key, program key, reservation key, water level key and feature key. Lower drainage function, dual water inlet function, power failure memory, time reservation function, Dehydration function, self-clean function, fuzzy control, abnormal alarm, multifunctional mite removal function, water-saving function, etc.
Rated spin-dry power:390W Rated washing power:390W

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