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Washing Machine Circuit Board

Item No.: EQ04
At Elecontro®, we have always focused on innovative solutions for washing machine circuit boards, and our innovations exceed industry standards. From component procurement, design and PCB assembly to testing to ensure its product quality assurance.
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Basic Functions of Washing Machine Circuit Board
The Elecontro® washing machine circuit board is the core part of controlling the actuators and sensors in the washing machine. The circuit board of this washing machine has 9-key automatic programming function, as well as upper drainage function, double water inlet function, power-off memory function, time reservation function, air drying function, self-cleaning function, automatic washing liquid release function, fuzzy control function, Abnormal alarm function, child lock function, water saving function, blur correction function, etc. We can also adjust it according to the different requirements of customers. This allows us to meet the needs of all market segments.
As a professional R&D and manufacturer of washing machines circuit boards, Elecontro® is also a reliable partner for the life cycle management of your electronic systems. From sourcing quality products worldwide through inspection and quality control to on-time delivery, we're here to support you from start to finish! We have an integrated supply chain management system that can flexibly respond to changes in various components. We are transparent about all BOM, manufacturing and other expenses.

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