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Range hood motherboard

Item No.: TE-01-44
The motherboard of intelligent range hood can automatically perceive the spatial state of the working environment and the state of the product itself, and can automatically control and receive the user's control instructions in the residence or remotely
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Introduction to the Mainboard of the Smart Range Hood

The range hood equipped with the intelligent range hood motherboard adopts modern industrial automation control technology, Internet technology and multimedia technology, which can automatically perceive the space state, the working environment and the state of the product itself, and can automatically control and accept user control at the residence or remote instructions. Provide OEM and customized services to meet any of your requirements.

Smart range hood mainboard function details

♦ 3-speed fan speed: Press the fan button once to turn on the weak gear of the fan, and then press it again to turn off. When the low gear is working, the display screen shows that the fan rotates at a slower speed, the low gear mark L is displayed, the power button indicator light and the fan button indicator light are on. There are 3 wind speeds in total.
♦ Increase button and decrease button: When the fan button is turned on to work on the weak gear of the fan, press the increase button once to change to the middle gear, then press the strong gear again, and it will not work (because it has reached the highest gear), at this time, press the minus button 1. The second will change to the middle gear, and then press the weaker gear, and it will not work (because it has reached the lowest gear).
♦ Time adjustment key: Press the time adjustment key once to adjust the time, within 3 seconds press the increase key to increase the time, and press the minus key to decrease the time; points, press 3 times to return to the original state.
♦ LED lighting function: the lighting button is independent, press once to output the lighting, and then press the clear button to turn off the lighting.
♦ Screen lock function: After we select this key, in order to avoid accidental activation during cleaning, or to prevent children from playing around, we will be more at ease when using it.
Automatic cleaning: Now most of the high-end range hoods have automatic cleaning function (can be customized)
♦ Delay function: This is a very practical function. When we finish cooking, let the range hood pump for another 3-5 minutes to completely absorb harmful substances. The automatic shutdown can also be realized without people needing to stay beside the range hood.
♦ Features WIFI and Bluetooth for connecting peripherals
♦ Can be controlled by mobile APP



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