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RH12 Range hood control board

Item No.: RH12
The range hood control board has multiple wind speed gear control and Independent lighting control.The cost of production material is low, the production process is relatively simple, the price is moderate.
Description Review

Elecontro® Range Hood Control Board Function

♦ Multiple wind speed gear control:Provides 4 gears, low speed, medium speed, high speed, and stir-frying, and users can freely switch the wind speed gear according to the actual cooking situation. It should be specially pointed out that the stir-fried gear will automatically be converted to a high-speed gear after being turned on for 5 minutes, and the wind speed gear can also be increased or reduced according to user needs.
♦ Independent lighting control:After power on, the user can independently control the lighting of the range hood in any state.

♦ Delay to close the wind speed gear:At any wind speed, the range hood can be controlled to delay closing wind speed. The default delay closing wind speed time is 15 minutes, and the delay closing wind speed time can also be adjusted according to user needs.
♦ Smart button light:The button lights are divided into full bright, half bright and unlit states, which respectively represent that the button is being triggered, can be triggered, and cannot be triggered. It is easy for users to understand the difference, and the brightness of the button light can also be adjusted according to user needs.



Points for Attention in the Purchase of Range Hood Control Board

♦ Exhaust air volume: this is one of the main quality indicators of range hood
♦ Exhaust efficiency: it refers to the percentage of the amount of pollution discharged from the hood and the amount
generated during cooking.
♦ Noise: it is also an important indicator to measure the performance of the range hood.


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