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OM22 Knob Multi-functional Oven Controller

Item No.: OM22
 Precise temperature control + - 5 ℃
 Display hidden design, high-end and beautiful
 Interface color is up to you decide, suitable for all kinds of color
 Automatic preheating, intelligent experience
 Power-saving mode, automatic standby
Description Review

Basic Parameter

Product Name Oven Controller Model OM22
Voltage Range AV65~265V Frequency 50~60HZ
Control Way Knob Mode Max. input power 2500W

Our Knob multi-functional oven controller function

♦ Knob control, fool operation, very simple
♦ Digital touch display, providing a variety of cooking methods, easy to operate
♦ Programmable temperature control range is 40 ~ 200 ℃
♦ Adjustable temperature control, standard temperature control timing, precise control +-5℃
♦ Intelligent stove lamp, adapt to different surrounding environment, free control
♦ Unified temperature control of upper and lower tubes/ independent temperature control of upper and lower tubes is up to you
♦ Hidden design of display interface, high-end and beautiful
♦ Automatic preheating, smart experience, power saving mode, automatic standby
♦ The color of the interface is up to you, suitable for various color combinations


Our knob multi-functional oven controller 360℃ air crisp technology

Innovative dynamic airflow technology, high speed uniform thermal conductivity, 360℃ high speed cycle。Crisp and cook your favorite meals in a whirlwind of superheated hot air instead of fat. Intuitive heating combined with 360° seamless air flow helps reduce cooking time and produces evenly cooked, crispier results.



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