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Fully Automatic Washing Machine Control Board

Item No.: EG03
The control board of the fully automatic washing machine has a variety of washing program functions to meet the washing of different types of clothes and save time. Each functional module can be added or deleted according to customer needs.
Description Review
Elecontro®, as an experienced home appliance controller R&D and manufacturing company, we design and manufacture fully automatic washing machine control boards that combine quality, convenience and efficiency to provide the best solution for your home. Our main goal is to create meaningful experiences that save you time and energy so you can spend more time with the people you love.
Basic Functions of the Full Automatic Washing Machine Control Board
- There are a variety of programs to choose from: washing and drying, quich wash, color protection, intelligent washing, soaking, water-saving, self-clean, simple dehydration, simple drying, wool, down feather,intelligent reservation and other functions.
- Wash all kinds of clothes and fabrics: new special program for all kinds of fabrics, say goodbye to hand washing.
- Appointment function: Instantly set the timing to start laundry. Convenient and save time.
- Soaking function: When the washing machine starts to work, after filling the water, it does not wash immediately, but soaks for a period of time.
- Upper drainage function:Choose multiple drainage locations, no need for drainage pumps, saving resources
- Clothes can be added while working,Convenient
- Multifunctional mite removal function:Combining powerful beating, cleaning exhaust, ultraviolet light sterilization, and rotating brush work together to remove mites in clothes more thoroughly


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