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ET03K Digital Oven Timer

Item No.: ET03K
The ET03K Digital Oven Timer is a 3 physical button electronic module that allows you to prepare your favorite foods at any time of the day. With this timer, you can determine the cooking time and the end of cooking. In addition, the introduced timer can
Description Review
Nice cooking is art and science. Elecontro® provides you with oven timer support, giving modern technologies, and your appliances have great performance on the culinary scene.
Elecontro® ET03K Digital Oven Timer Basic Features
- LED display includes 3 special icons and 7 segment numbers
- 3 physical buttons
- With child lock function
- Buzzer tone setting:Three tone settings
- Automatic cooking:The maximum adjustable cooking time is 10 hours
- Clock settings
- Alarm setting:The Alarm setting icon will get steady on the screen after 6 seconds and the countdown starts . The maximum adjustable period is 23 hours 59 minutes.
- Colors available (white, orange, red)
- The time is displayed in 24-hour format (00:00~23:59)
- Operating voltage: 230 Vac – 50/60 Hz
- Standby power consumption: relay release - 0,5W / relay action < 1W
- Maximum switching power supply: 16A 250Vac
- Temperature performance: T105

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