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ET52T Oven Timer with touch panel

Item No.: ET52T
ET52T oven timer is a timer with touch button function, which can quickly adjust and fine-tune the time and temperature. It also has functions such as child lock, time setting, alarm volume setting and display brightness setting.
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Our ET52T Oven timer 

The ET52T oven timer, equipped with a user-friendly touch button interface, offers swift and precise adjustments for both time and temperature settings. This advanced timer is designed with several key features, including a child lock, customizable time and alarm volume settings, and adjustable display brightness, each indicated by an intuitive flashing icon for easy operation. The timer is programmed to automatically exit the function setting mode if no activity is detected within 5 seconds, ensuring a return to the default state while the corresponding icon ceases to flash, thereby enhancing user convenience and efficiency.



Our ET52T Oven timer feature

♦ LED display includes 9 special icons and 7-segment numbers
♦ 4 touch buttons
♦ Automatic Cooking (Semi-automatic and fully automatic)
♦ With child lock function
♦ 3 screen brightness, adjustable
♦ The clock can be set to 12/24 hours
Colour Options  (white, orange, red)
♦ 3 different alarm sounds to choose from
♦ Power supply 230V~/50 or 60 Hz
♦ Alarm timer
♦ Timer: temperature to time;Time to cut off the heating current
♦ Standby power consumption: relay release-0,5W / relay operation <1W
♦ Maximum switch power: 16A 250Vac
♦ Temperature performance: T105


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