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Oven Timer

ET42T Built-in Oven Timer

Item No.: ET42T
Display mode: LED
4 Touch key timer
With gas cut-off relay
Display color options: yellow
Power supply 230V ~ / 50 or 60 Hz
Working environment temperature 0-108 O C is the highest

Our 4 Touch key Built-in Oven Timer 

♦ Display mode: LED

♦ Touch key timer

♦ Buzzer Type Setting

♦ Automatic Cooking (Semi-automatic and fully automatic)

♦ Clock Setting

♦ Alarm  Setting

♦ Colour Options  (white, orange, red)

♦ Adjustable screen brightness

♦ Power supply 230V~/50 or 60 Hz

♦ The maximum working temperature is 0-105℃.

♦ Cooking time setting

♦ Delayed cooking setting

♦ 3 different alarm sound options

♦ Key tone can be turned off

♦16A circuit breaker relay

♦ With child lock function

♦ The clock can be set to 12/24 hours



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