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EM18 Built-in Oven Controller

Item No.: EM18
Elecontro® EM18 13 touch buttons built in oven controller, user-friendly interface, optional control unit, perfect white display performance, 12 mode options (customizable),can meet all your requirements. OEM and Custom-Made is offered.
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Creativity and innovation will always make your customers remember you - a large percentage of people remember their direct experience far more than what they heard and saw. For this reason, Elecontro® invests heavily in the user usage and performance of its products (built-in oven controllers) and keeps up with new market trends.
Elecontro® EM18 13 Touch Buttons Built-in Oven Controller Basic Function
♦  LCD screen display,White display effect
♦  12 mode options (customizable)
♦  4 Groups of heating tube relays 10A (customizable)
♦  Alarm setting,Automatic cooking
♦  The clock can be set to 12/24 hours
♦  Furnace light control
♦  Child lock function
♦  Turn fork function
♦  Quick warm-up
♦  Door detection
♦  20 menu options (customizable)
♦  Pleasant sound
♦  Support wide voltage input: 100~250V

Elecontro® EM18 13 Touch Buttons Built-in Oven Controller Advantage
♦ Clear and bright LCD screen display.
♦ Safeand reliable power supply, stable voltage output , with self-protection function.
♦ The interface is clearly divided, which conforms to the user's operating habits and has a good interactive experience. 

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