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Electric oven control panel

Item No.: OM21-3
electric oven control panel for Intelligent Application, you can adjust time, temperature quickly and make small adjustment. You can control oven panel, plan cooking, adjust and monitor cooking process, customize your own menu.
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elecontro® electric oven control panel introduction

♦ Main control: LED/intelligent/dual digital display/temperature controller, control accuracy ±5℃, self-adjustment, automatic constant temperature.
♦ Time setting device: Timing device, which can be manually/automatically switched, starts timing when the temperature reaches the set temperature, and cuts off the heating power when the time reaches the set range.
♦ Sound and light alarm device: set the time to end the constant temperature alarm.
♦ Switch and indicator light: White wave button switch is adopted, which is convenient and simple to operate.


elecontro® electric oven control panel features

♦ High efficiency: adopt the hot air circulation system to heat evenly and recuperate quickly under normal pressure.
♦ Nutrition: the steam system can provide a hypoxic working environment, which helps to reduce the rapid decomposition of nutrients caused by oxidation and avoid nutrient loss.
♦ Personalized design: microcomputer automatic control cleaning function, one key insulation design, liquid crystal display, simple operation.


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