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EB23 Oven Control Board

Item No.: EB23
As a professional oven controller R&D manufacturer, Elecontro® has extensive expertise in the field of built-in oven controllers. Its EB23 product has 2 sets of heating tube control, the interface is friendly to operate, and it supports OEM and ODM servic
Elecontro® EB23 Oven Control Board Features
-LED display
-1 knob and 1 touch button
-2 groups of heating tube control
-Furnace Light Control
-Fan control
-Relay: 16A
-Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
-Support wide voltage input: 100~250V
-Use environment: maximum temperature 85°C, humidity less than 95%RH
-The oven control panel is small and exquisite, easy to operate
-The interface is clearly partitioned, which conforms to the user's operating habits and provides a good interactive experience.
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